• Neatly secluded inside a fully renovated 1950’s roadside feed and grain store, is the Nowlin Roberts Salon. The neutral colors and private enclave-like feeling ensures each guest a truly unique experience. Guests are greeted as if entering a private party in a beautiful home. The modern look and feel of the inside gives way to a mood of sophistication and relaxing comfort. The salon offers exceptional service with attention to detail, all designed to accommodate today's executive on the go with V.I.P. hours of operation, as well as a relaxed environment for the more casual clientele. Nowlin Roberts, a 24 year industry veteran and educational consultant with L'Oreal Professionnel, says, "Providing good service is not enough in today's fast paced world, we have to surpass the guests' every expectation with outstanding service, current style options, loyalty and personal respect...that's our winning combination."

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What does Certified Organic Hair and Body Care mean anyway? What it means is that the ingredients that are in the product you are putting on your body, have been approved and quantified as “the safest” ingredients in the world for coming in contact with your skin…which by the way, is a direct delivery system to your bloodstream. Everything we put in & on our bodies must be nutritious and safe…” that is the mantra of Intelligent Nutrients, the lifestyle product that has recently graced the shelves and the life of the Nowlin Roberts Salon. Intelligent Nutrients and I [Nowlin] believe that non-toxic is better, and that Certified Organic recognition is important. Why? Because ever since I started working toward my mission of developing an environmentally sustainable farm [Rising Kale Farms] my message has been about change. Change in the way we understand that what we eat is as important as where it comes from. Intelligent Nutrients is a company who’s message is about saving the planet and ourselves. Their medium is in making the best personal care products on earth. Certified Organic Hair and Body Care products. Mine is about growing the best food you can put in your body. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free and made with plants, not petroleum. Our circle is complete. Here are just a few of the seals of commitment that they stand by in everything they do, and ones that I am adopting not only at the farm, but in my own life discovery. I hope that you will follow along, as we take this journey together.



And, by the way…truth matters — that’s why they list every single ingredient on their packaging. It’s a lot like our transparency philosophy at the farm. Their third-party certification seals let you know that products are verified as 65-95% organic, cruelty-free and made with renewable energy. Organic certification is a long, costly process but Intelligent Nutrients and the Nowlin Roberts Salon/Rising Kale Farms believe integrity is worth investing in.



solutions for thinning hair

Let’s face it…not everyone was born with great hair. And, even if you were…hair changes, right? Can you remember a time when your hair was different than it is right now? Was it thicker? Did it seem to grow like crazy? Well, for those ever increasing numbers of you that are faced wth the reality of less hair due to age or health concerns…your journey on the road to discovering solutions for thinning haircould be over.

Without interruption of your normally scheduled hair service, you can add the extra volume in no time flat! And, adding extra volume increases the countless styling options from having thicker, fuller hair.

Here’s how it works: You schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to determine your needs and color choice. You block off about an hour of your time, and you leave the salon with thicker, fuller hair that is easier to style, with so many more options!  Using natural hair, we bond individual wefts of hair directly to your hair, approximately ½ inch from the scalp. The method allows the added hair to blend seamlessly with yours own hair without ever being detected. You can wash it, brush it, style it, blow dry it, flat iron it…just like you would your own hair!

You want to know the best part…? No one will ever know. Oh, and the fullness lasts about 4 months. Affordable, easy, discreet and comfortable to wear!

Call the salon today! 210-843-1962


Highlighting for Summer with BalayageIf you are one of the millions of women around the country who are in “getting ready for summer” mode, you have probably booked your next appointment at your hairdresser for this seasons blonding! And, if you are one of the millions of women who pick up at least one fashion or beauty magazine at your local grocery store check out, you will have noticed the hottest new trend is highlighting is a technique known as Balayage. Highlighting for Summer with Balayage is not so new though. [read on…]

Bah-lee-ahhj” is a French term referring to the motion of “sweeping.” The easiest way to understand the actual technique is to go here.

By opting for the technique of Balayage, you avoid the ever so visible line of demarcation that comes with traditional foiling patterns. Balayage specialists around the country adopt the technique as an alternative to highlighting on a more natural look. You see, with Balayage, the finished results are softer, more natural. The line is eliminated , thus leaving a fused or muted result. What does that mean to you? It’s simple…fewer trips to the hairdresser.

Think of it this way: Imagine two pieces of fabric next to one another. One is black and one is white. Where does your eye go? Through a study of optimology, the eye tends to focus more quickly on the line that divides the two colors. [think foil highlighting] With Balayage, that same line is muted with an artistic sweeping motion, creating a softer, less obvious division between the two opposing colors. Make sense?

So, when you look in the mirror the next time, and you realize it’s time to call your colorist at the salon…ask about whether Highlighting for Summer with Balayage is right for you!




Color CorrectorAttention Blondes! Whether you are highlighted with traditional foil, or have made your way into the most natural way of highlighting with Balayage, every blonde needs alittle help now and then…right?

Introducing L’Oréal Professionnel’s Newest crayon in the box of hot new products designed for you gorgeous blondes out there!

So here’s what happens: You go to the salon and ask for highlights. And voilá…you look amazing! You grab your purse and head out the door…A few days go by and you look in the mirror and things are starting to change. No… not the highlights, they are still there and they are gorgeous…it’s just the reflection of how they look. You see, whether your stylist decided to tone your highlights or leave them be, the interior of your hairs’ life color has been exposed. It’s called underlying pigment. Everyone has it! Most of us range anywhere between having a red to a red-orange underlying pigment. The lightener [a.k.a. bleaching agent] drives its way through the natural hair color exposing what is your hairs’ true identity. [a.k.a. underlying pigment]

Now mind you, not all…but a lot of you who choose to be blonde, like to be a lighter blond than not. But, as chemistry goes…the longer the colorist leaves the lightener on the hair, whether wrapped all up in foil or freely supported with a piece of cotton and draped with plastic wrap…the lighter the blonde becomes. In turn, the less red and orange and yellow underlying pigment that is visible in the final look. Got it?

That’s why we’re showcasing this amazing new product! Color Corrector was designed for youyou, the one with ambitions of being blond like never before…you, the one who deserves to have what you want…youyouyou…it’s all about youyou blonde goddess! 

[Color Corrector is a violet based perfection cream that you work through your hair after you shampoo and condition. Leave-in for a few minutes…then rinse out.]

Now get to the salon and grab a tube of your own!





HereIt’s easy to go from drab to fab with hair extensions, especially if you know the right guy! Nowlin Roberts Salon in San Antonio raises the bar when it comes to hair extensions in Texas. Exclusive to the luxury brand, Great Lengths, Nowlin insists that in order to achieve the utmost in believable, undetectable extensions you have to invest in quality. “Utilizing virgin Indian hair, is the best way to achieve that goal” says Nowlin, who has been the leader in South Texas hair extensions to both the everyday woman and local celebrities alike. Most of his career, a consultant for the professional division of L’Oréal Professionnel Haircolor, Nowlin has been recognized for his spot on color matching. “If the color of the extensions is not exact with a clients hair color, it’s a dead give-a-way,” says Nowlin.

The average extension service takes approximately 2-3 hours from start to finish. First the clients hair type and texture are determined and then the color matching process begins. Often times, to achieve a natural looking finish, Nowlin incorporates up to three colors into the service, allowing for seamless color dimension to happen as it would in nature.  With proper maintenance, a full head of extensions can expect to last up to 5 months. Once completed, the extensions allow endless possibilities in styling and control of frizzy, fine and rebellious hair types.


www.nowlinrobertssalon.comRecently, on a flight home from New York City, I locked eyes with a woman that gave me the impression that she felt she was somewhat superior to the rest of us boarding the plane to San Antonio. You know who I am talking about…right? That passenger that looks up at you with a disapproving glance as you walk through the First Class cabin back to your seat in coach. To her surprise, I excused myself and said, “I believe that’s my seat.”

As she quickly shuffled her handful of papers she discovered that she was in the right row, just not the right seat. Imagine that! All that money and class and she can’t even read!

Anyway…the point of this story is that although her face was well “adjusted” for her age and she had exercised a certain level of skill in the make-up department, her hair was a mess!

Although her blonde hair color was as blonde as could be, it was incredibly mismatched by her hairdresser when it came to their attempt at extensions. Stringy at best, visible from afar, and way too long for her age and face shape. 

I kept thinking what my client Michelle C. always says…“if you want the best hair extensions in San Antonio, you go to Nowlin.” period.

Anyway, long story not an epic…I spent the following three hours sitting next to my new friend Lydia, who, once she discovered that I was a hairdresser and that I did hair extensions…had a hundred and one questions about what I thought of her hair.

Shortly after our return home to San Antonio, Lydia phoned the salon and booked an appointment. We removed her mismatched blonde spaghetti string extensions, followed by her new round of Great Lengths hair extensions. We modified the length and tweaked the color to soften her look, while still offering her the lightness she desired.

By combining the expert color matching capabilities that Great Lengths hair extensions allows with precision placement, we were able to give Lydia the look of sophistication, confidence and classic beauty.

Call the salon today to schedule your complimentary consultation and discover just how easy it is to have the best hair extensions in San Antonio



With so many people looking for ways to add dimension to their hair without destroying the integrity of the hair… business is booming! And even though we have been doing Balayage highlights in San Antonio for over 12 years, people still think of it as “new.” The beauty of choosing Balayage highlights over the traditional foil version of highlighting hair is that you eliminate the oh so obvious line of demarcation when your highlights grow out. With Balayage highlights, you diffuse that line, which allows you to spend less time in the salon have retouch after retouch. With the traditional foil application the hair strand is completely saturated, making for a very solid look in highlight fashion. With the transformation into Balayage, the strand of hair is surface coated only, allowing the underneath of the hair to have its own personality…adding more dimentsion to the hair as it moves. This is referred to as truly natural.

Classically trained in the French tradition of Balayage…Nowlin Roberts has trained for and with the best in the industry including the Queen of Balayage, Nancy Braun. From his humble beginnings on the East Coast, Nowlin has trained with the New York L’Oréal Professionnel Academy…to in-salon, on-the-road education as a nationwide trainer and consultant for the professional division of L’Oréal Professionnel. 

Take a look at the video below to see if the idea of Balayage highlights are right for you.


Black And White Portrait Of Woman Getting Hair StraightenedI have worked with women for the past 30 years, and if there is one thing that I have discovered, a woman’s mood is intrinsically connected to how good, or bad her hair looks on any given day. Am I right? Your hair plays a huge role in the outcome of productivity and what is achieved during your day. We are constantly reminded of how hair should look, by all the Victoria Secret “Angels”…if you are 21 and super thin, and born with…all right “blessed” with great hair. Raise your hand if you fit into that category. Believe me, I know it is easy to become discouraged. The fact of the matter is that no one is immune to bad hair every once in a while. There is the dryness if you are from the West…the humidity if you’re from the South…the ever changing climactic seasonal weather patterns from the North-East…it’s crazy!  If you need help matching your hair type with the correct products for your hair type, simply ask…your stylist will be happy to help! Does your salon offer hairstyle coaching sessions?

One of the things that I have noticed is a universal shift in how we care for, and style our hair. Most salons today, will offer a style coaching session on their menu of services. You show up with your blow dryer and styling tools that you use at home, and they show you what to do, or not to do with what you have. It’s a great way to pick up hints and pointers from the pros. Not everyone is a natural style-perfect prodigy. If you happen to be all thumbs and a bomb at the coaching sessions…my on-going advice: don’t give up…call your stylist!

1. Evaluate your hair type: The right product for your hair density can make all the difference in the world.

2. Talk to your stylist. Book an in-salon hairstyle coaching session.

3. Don’t give up! You are not alone…if it were easy you’d be a hairdresser.


1708We all know that what’s inside is more important than what we see on the outsideright? And, you’ve probably heard it said that “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction.” But it is proven that if you look good, you feel better. Medically proven, well maybe not, but psychologically…yes! For a lot of us, what we see when we look in the mirror, is not exactly what we wish we saw looking back…but we get used to the reflection. “It is what it is!

There are options. Cosmetic surgery…nah, Botox…we all know that’s a temporary fix.

Ok, so let’s start at the top. Your “crowning glory” is the first thing people notice. One study showed that 74% of men say they notice a woman’s hair, first. Even before they notice their figure. I am not sure I believe that, but I don’t think it is surprising at all, that 82% of women surveyed, say they would ask another woman “who does your hair?” before they respond to an advertisement for a salon. The concern that I have as a stylist, is when shes asks “who does your hair?” she is not asking so she knows who not to go to. Which brings me to the question….

“How good does your hair look?”

Whether you treat your hair with color or not, your hair is exposed to the aggressions of daily abuse. Simple blow drying and flat ironing can cause just as much damage as harsh chemicals. So we introduce…Powerdose Repair with Lactic Acid.

The Repair Service provides instant internal conditioning with core to surface technology for all hair types, especially chemically treated hair. The advanced formula, better known in the beauty industry as the best hair vitamin treatment, works to set and protect hair color, while enhancing shine and reinforcing the hair fiber, in non-color treated, natural hair. Especially effective in fortifying hair that has been treated aggressively on a daily basis by hot styling tools. It’s enriched with Ionene G Protein to restore your hair to its natural condition. Think of it as an antibiotic for your hair. Recommended for all hair types.

Have you ever look down at the ends of your hair and thought “I need a trim?” Often, it simply means that the hair is lacking protein. Why not just treat the hair? Here is an incentive: 

Simply fill out the “Contact Us” form in the menu bar above to reserve your complimentary Powerdose Treatment! Or, if you prefer, you can call the salon, book an appointment for a shampoo and style, or a trim, or a color, [not required] but, most importantly…take advantage of this Complimentary offer! [no strings, really] offer valid for new clients to the Nowlin Roberts Salon. A salon representative will phone you within the next 48 hours to help with your appointment preference. Be sure to check your email inbox.


TOWN-AND-COUNTRY-AD-SLICK-FOR-BLOGRemember when we were kids, and taking a bath and shampooing our hair was a ritual…but it didn’t happen everyday? At least not in our house. I guess the theory was that even though kids got dirty…we didn’t sweat like an adult.

Well times are definitely different now. So many people ask…”Is it okay to shampoo your hair everyday?” With the phobias about germs, everyone seems to be hitting the showers more often. And when they are there…so is the frequency of their shampooing. Oh how times change!

And with that change, the very way women treat their hair has evolved. The numbers indicate that in 2012 more women colored their hair or treated it with some sort of chemical than ever before. Not to mention the insurgence of women wearing hair extensions. Some of the marketing, as well as the media try to influence us to break away from the notion that shampooing everyday is alright. Some, in fact, discourage regular association with water.

FACT: Water is not bad.

When water [moisture] comes in contact with the hair fiber, it creates a reaction. Very simply said, it swells the cuticle layer. [that’s the outside sheath of your hair that opens and closes in the presence, or lack of moisture…think shingles on a roof] When that protective layer is raised, microscopic particles of whatever can enter. As those particles enter, they can weigh the hair down.

For a lot of us, shampooing everyday is just not practical due to our life schedule. It takes time to look gorgeous, and sometimes that extra half an hour or so we spend doing our hair, can mean a world of difference to our daily sleep allowance. So…“I will just pull it back today,”  is the justification that plays out in our head…Until now.

Introducing fresh dust from L’Oréal Professionnel. This unique aerosol for all hair types absorbs excess oils to leave hair feeling clean while extending the life of your blow dry service. Neutral shade works in coordination with all hair colors. Ultra dry formula imparts salon-like volume.

“Fresh dust is an amazing product. It gives me the ability to have a clean palette whether I’m on set or location and there are no shampoo bowls around. It’s perfect for prepping any style FROM any style. It’s a must have in my kit.”

-Joseph DiMaggio
Master Session Artist for L’Oréal Professionnel US

 Salon Professional Rating: ★★★★★


mens shampooConvincing your man that the mens hairstyle book he chose his current hairstyle from, is probably no longer in print and that his style is dated…may be trickier than you think. A well groomed man makes a statement. And even though mens hairstyles have evolved over the years from early caveman times when grooming the hair was something that happened entirely by accident…a man still needs help.

Rain come…man get wet…man run hands through hair…man need haircut…man use rock shaped like arrow to cut hair…man done grooming.

Things haven’t changed that much if you think about it. Grooming from the neck up, for a lot of guys generally happens when it is past due. Have you ever noticed that hair grows out of the strangest places on a man’s head? And just for the record…bar soap is not the answer to cleaning it, especially the hair on top of the head. Let’s face it, men [as most of us] are in a hurry in the morning to get to work. Adding a little bit of stimulation to their scalp, [Ice Mint for a cooling effect and Ginseng to invigorate their experience] but may encourage them to take their grooming a bit more seriously. It has been said that behind every great mens hairstyle is a woman who booked the appointment for her man…with her hairdresser. Until then, use this stuff!


Mother Holding Newborn Baby Over White BackgroundIs there something in the water? It seems like every other woman that has come into the salon recently is toting a new baby. And as expected, the new mothers want to talk about their hair loss after pregnancy…and of course, each of them has “new baby advice” to offer. So, what are the “after-effects” of bringing your new bundle of joy home from the hospital: hair loss.

QUESTION: “I had my baby 2 months ago, and now, it seems all of the sudden my hair is falling out by the handful. I am freaking out…is this normal?”

ANSWER: Yes it’s normal. You need to remember that your hair goes through a life cycle just like everything else. It is known as GrowthFallReplace. Have you ever noticed that sometimes during the course of the year, you think that one part of the hair on your head is growing more than, or faster than, other parts of hair on your head? That’s because your hairs’ life is cyclical. While some is growing, [up to 90%] there is another 5-10% that is dedicated to the Fall and Replace stages of that cycle. So, there’s no need to hit the panic button! Remember that you lose between 100-200 hairs on average daily, so what you are seeing is just an accelerated visual of the norm.

It is also important to remind yourself that during the gestation period, your body is reeking havoc with your estrogen levels. During that time, scientists say that there are fewer hairs falling out daily, so you should expect to experience a fuller, thicker, sensation of hair to run your hands through.

Don’t forget that following the arrival of your newest addition, those very same estrogen levels will bottom out, just like your available sleep time! So, while you are catching a few winks in between nap times and feedings, try to ignore the sudden hair loss. Rest assured that within the next 9-12 months, your hair and body will be back in tip top shape, and back to normal.

Now with all that out of the way, it’s time to concentrate on all things baby!

Have you started thinking about what you will feed your little one after breast milk or bottled milk, when it’s time for solid food? Have you thought about the feeding schedule your little one will be on? What are your thoughts on diapering?

My suggestion: “Talk to Shawna.” [wife, mother, photographer, baker [try her granola bar recipe…yum!] decorating enthusiast, do-it-yourself-er, cloth diaper-er, homemade babyfood maker, pet lover, painter, gardener, athlete, and military wife]



bigstock-Welcome-to-my-hair-salon-42435202So you color your hair…right? Whether it is for the purpose of covering those stubborn white ones, or if just for the fashion sense that you crave, coloring ones’ hair is pretty much the mainstream in today’s world.

But as the world evolves, so do the advances in the way in which you can now color your hair. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an ammonia free permanent haircolor that was actually good for your hair?

If you do color your hair,  like most you probably don’t bother to think about what goes into the actual process of getting to the end result…you just want to get there. The chemistry behind the scenes in your hair salon may or may not be of interest to everyone, but as an educated consumer, you should arm yourself with the latest information of what is possibleI mean, you want the best for your hair…don’t you? Hair color times are changing and so are the ways in which your hairdresser can provide you with the most advanced hair color ever. Today, ammonia free permanent haircolor is the way to go.

Even though the components of hair color have remained steadfast for close to one hundred years and they work why not treat your hair to the most technological advance in haircolor

“…But just because something works doesn’t mean that you have to conform to the way that it has always been accomplished.” The components that were once used to do the job of coloring your hair are now being pushed to their limits. With hair color manufacturers always looking to improve upon the direction they take in designing products that capture the attention of the consumer, not just their sense of smell…[imagine sitting down in your stylist’s chair and not being overwhelmed with the smell of ammonia] it is no surprise that the leading hair color company in the world has taken the idea of coloring hair to a totally new plateau. Introducing INOA…ammonia free permanent hair color. Click on the video play button below to discover the difference that is now available at Nowlin Roberts Salon.


SecretsRecommending someone in a service oriented business can be a tricky thing. Whether it’s your mechanic,  your dentist,  or even your therapist…we typically do it without much thought. But, when it comes to recommending your hairdresser, you have to make sure that the person you are referring is a good match.

For most hairdressers that work day in and day out behind the chair, meeting a new client involves the evaluation of facial shapes and how they impact the final result in a haircut. Other considerations are skin tone, natural hair color level and internal pigments, as well as the quality of existing hair and the most importantly the discovery of your expectations.

Recently, I reached out to a select group of my most loyal clients and asked them if they would take part in a Nowlin Roberts Salon focus group. In addition to taking a survey that allowed them to anonymously speak their mind about the way the felt they were treated by the salon and by me, I set them in motion to introduce me to a friend of theirs. Just one. But before I did, I asked them to think about what it was that keeps them coming back. The responses were nothing shy of overwhelming. During the month of July, I had the privilege of meeting 13 new potential clients. I say potential, because I believe that it takes time to get to know if the client and I are a good fit…longterm.

We have all heard the expression, “treat others like you want to be treated,” …right? I think that’s wrong. I mean, I want to be treated well, but I don’t necessarily know if the way I want to be treated, is the same way you want to be treated. Does that make sense? I believe that in order to establish a relationship that will go the distance, I need to understand what it is that makes you happy. I need to understand the way you want to feel. Not just how you want your hair done, but what it is that makes you feel like the investment that you have made in our time together is actually a good one.


Curler WomanIs there some sort of conspiracy going on with women and fine hair? It seems as though more and more people are calling the salon looking for a solution for fine hair. A common question is, “Do you have any advice on dealing with baby fine hair?”

For years, women have been perming and coloring to blow the cuticle layer of their hair open, so their hair feels fuller. But we all know you can only perm and color the hair so much. It’s the time in between those services that a real solution for fine hair is needed.

Have you ever thought of adding hair into your style? For huge numbers of women it is a great solution for fine hair…or better yet, combating the challenges of having fine hair. It used to be that everyone wanted long hair…now it’s more about having the fullness that you want, in order to be able to confidently style your hair without it being loaded with hairspray and a ton of teasing.

Here’s how it works: You schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to determine your needs and color choice. You block off about an hour of your time, and you leave the salon with thicker, fuller hair that is easier to style, with so many more options! You want to know the best part…? No one will ever know. Oh, and the fullness lasts about 4 months.  Affordable, easy, discreet and comfortable to wear!